Thursday, May 31, 2012

Featured Cemetery...Old City Cemetery

This month's featured cemetery is Old City Cemetery located in Duval County, Florida. It is also known as Old Jacksonville City Cemetery. It was established in 1852.

It offers a wide variety of different types of markers, headstones, and monuments. Some of them are very unique.

The mausoleum above is for Princess Laura Adorkor Kofi who was assassinated in the pulpit in Miami, Florida.
This cemetery is also the resting place of many confederate soldiers and sailors.

And as with most cemetery this one is not free of vandalism.
We also found out that this cemetery was used in the filming of "Insane in the Brain", though we are not too sure on how correct that information is...until we locate a copy of the movie and watch it. So if you are ever in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida stop by and check out Old City Cemetery.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Featured Cemetery...Pinewood Cemetery

Sorry folks, time got away from us and we totally missed the month of February. But were back on track and this month's feature cemetery is called Pinewood Cemetery, which is located in Volusia county, Florida.
This beautiful cemetery is located in Daytona Beach, Florida.
It has a variety of monuments, headstones and markers.
Though it has seen its share of vandalism.
There is some amazing trees.
So, if you are ever in Daytona Beach, Florida be sure to stop by Pinewood Cemetery.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Featured Cemetery...Sunset Hills and River Rest

The featured cemetery this month is Sunset Hills and River Rest located in Genessee County, Michigan. This is two cemeteries that started out independently and eventually over time became know as one.
Situated on rolling hills it offers some awesome pictures of various types of headstones, markers and statues.
But what was most interesting was the bronze statues. In the statue below, the gentleman is handing a Hershey's candy bar to the little girl.
So, if you ever find yourself fly around Genessee County, Michigan be sure to pay the Sunset Hills and River Rest cemetery a visit.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Featured Cemetery...East Oak Hill

Ok, so we missed a month, totally lost track of time. This featured cemetery just happens to be the 100th cemetery that we have visited. It is East Oak Hill cemetery in the city of Palatka in Putnam County, Florida.
                       There is a wide variety of headstones in this cemetery.
We came across a time vault that was buried in July 1976 and is to be opened in July 2076
So if you are ever traveling through Putnam County, Florida be sure to stop by East Oak Hill Cemetery and you'll also be able to see West Oak Hill Cemetery, Saint Joseph Cemetery, and Evergreen Cemetery...all located within walking distance of East Oak Hill Cemetery.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Featured Cemetery...St Augustine National Cemetery

This featured cemetery is St Augustine National Cemetery which is located in St John's County, Florida. This is a very well kept military cemetery.

St Augustine National Cemetery located in St John's county, Florida.

The three pyramids cover vaults of the remains of 1468 unidentified
soldiers of the Florida Indian Wars (1835-1842).

If you are ever heading up or down I-95 through Florida, stop by St Augustine National Cemetery, pay your respects and see a beautiful won't regret it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Featured Cemetery...Evergreen Cemetery in St John's County, Florida

We are going to start a "featured cemetery" that will introduce a cemetery that we have visited. Our first feature will be Evergreen Cemetery located in St John's County, Florida.

Evergreen cemetery was established in 1886 due to the overcrowding of the cemeteries within St Augustine city limits. Evergreen is the final resting place of Randolph Caldecott, after whom the national Caldecott medal for distinguished children's book is named.

 Evergreen Cemetery also has a variety of headstones.
Evergreen cemetery is a well maintained cemetery with added scenery.

 Well, hope you enjoyed this Featured Cemetery and if you are ever in St John's County, Florida near the city of St Augustine, be sure to check out Evergreen Cemetery.

Friday, August 19, 2011

They really need help...

 Our first was a Masonic Lodge cemetery off of Old Kings Road in Palm Coast, Fl. We never took any pictures, actually we weren't prepared or didn't know what to expect. We'll have to go back and take some shots of it, but it was this cemetery that showed us the neglect that loved ones are resting in. Another cemetery that we have explored showing neglect is Woodlawn Cemetery in St John's County, Florida.

Look closely...Headstone at Woodlawn Cemetery
Another buried under debris at Woodlawn Cemetery
 Though not all of Woodlawn Cemetery is neglected.
Woodlawn Cemetery

In the same neighborhood of Woodlawn Cemetery is Evergreen Cemetery (not neglected and pretty awesome place to visit-we will posted about it at a later time) but located behind it are two very neglected cemeteries called San Sebastian and Pinehurst. Evergreen, Pinehurst, and San Sebastian cemeteries are also located in St. John's County, Florida.

Located at San Sebastian Cemetery

Located at San Sebastian Cemetery
Located at Pinehurst Cemetery
We come across some information at the Florida Division of Historical Resources which provides some information on the cemeteries that were found to be abandoned or neglected. It also provides information about the laws concerning cemeteries and human remains. Until next time...